Lindsey Kelk – A Girl’s Best Friend

As seems to be the standard in this series, we start this book with another opening chapter which is a flash forward to the future.

It becomes clear pretty quickly that we’re at a wedding. But what is not quite so clear is who is getting married. To start with, I was leaning towards Tess. But then Charlie arrives. And then Nick arrives. What is happening?!

Then we flash back a few weeks, and we find out that the wedding is Kekipi and we breathe a sigh of relief. Having to read the whole book to find out who Tess was going to marry would be too much stress!

Since her last trip to Milan and her first gig as a paid photographer, Tess has not quite been living the life she thought she would. She’s now an assistant to a photographer called Ess, who is not exactly the nicest person to work for. It’s not the new life that Tess imagined.

And what makes that more galling is that Tess’ best friend Amy is living an amazing life in New York with her new job working for Al and planning the launch of his new fashion line.

So when Amy asks Tess to join her in New York for Christmas, Tess doesn’t really have much to lose.

A lot happens in the next week or so, and I won’t get into too much detail to avoid spoilers. But it’s fair to say that there were a lot of moments of laughter at the situations that Tess got herself into, some cringing seeing that she is getting completely the wrong end of the stick, and a lot of heart felt moments that made me want to give Tess and Amy a big hug.

I think this is the last book in the series and that makes me a little sad as I’d like to see more of how Tess gets on with the decisions she makes in the last chapter, but the epilogue was enough to keep me going. This was such a good ending to a fantastic series.

My rating: 5Average rating: 4.10
400 pages. Published in: 2015
Read in Paperbackon 7th-8th November 2020

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