David Runcorn – Love Means Love

An insightful and clear unpicking of the ‘issue’ of same-sex marriage that has caused (and continues to cause) friction in the church. It’s a divisive issue and one that is probably not talked about enough because of the potential for upset.

This book unpicks the common objections for same sex relationships and gay marriage and thoroughly and overwhelmingly shows you why these objections are not biblical in origin.

Evangelicals often use the phrase ‘authority of scripture’ when they mean the authority of the Evangelical, or Protestant theology, since the assumption is made that we (Evangelicals, or Protestants) are the ones who know and believe that the Bible is saying.

Unpicking the real meaning behind commonly cited Bible passages and trying to explain where some of the confusion has come from, I found this book so insightful. It’s written without judgement but with love and with the intention of opening eyes to a more inclusive world.

I remember the reaction of someone the first time they saw a woman wearing a clerical collar. ‘It’s not natural’, they muttered, with some anger. What they actually meant was ‘I have never seen this before. It is not part of my world and I am very uncomfortable with it’.

This book challenges us to move past things that might make us uncomfortable and challenge what we may think we know. I found it enlightening and I am personally so glad I read it.

Disclaimer: I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for a review.

My rating: 5/5Average rating: 4.57
160 pages. Published in: 2020
Read in E-bookon 1st-18th August 2020

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