Graham B. Usher – The Way Under Our Feet

This book felt like it was perfectly aimed at me, tying together two of my favourite things, faith and walking. I’ve got into walking a lot this year, but I never really considered that walking has a spiritual side (apart from giving me time to listen to podcast sermons while I’m out and about).

In this book, we start off with a chapter titled ‘Movement’, describing how walking works, the mechanics of it and how it evolved. I wasn’t really expecting this, but it was actually a really great intro to the book.

We then go into other chapters like ‘Thinking’, ‘Remembering’ and ‘Going’. all built around the same theme, but with a different focus.

I don’t want to say too much about this book because I think if it sounds like something that may interest you, you should go out and read it, if only for pearls of wisdom like this one:

“If we lack love in our walk with another, even though we offer presence and openness, we will appear cold. Walking-with involves caring for the other deeply. It means seeking common ground so that we can move together instead of one of us walking ahead or behind.”

But although it sounds like it might be a fairly pedestrian read (pardon the pun), it wasn’t the easy-going book I thought it would be. Some chapters, like ‘Fearing’, were challenging to read. I often had to stop reading because it made me feel quite emotional, but the challenge of those chapters was necessary for a complete look at the topic.

I’ve never read a book about walking before, or indeed a book like this, but I appreciated the author’s way with words, how he was able to bring the book to life and keep me enthralled throughout. I’m so glad I picked this up!

“Even as we glory in the beauty of nature; we find outselves companying with our three-mile-an-hour God.”

My rating: 4Average rating: 4.44
192 pages. Published in: 2020
Read in Paperbackon 4th-7th June 2020

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