Madeleine Davies – Lights for the Path

I received this book as an advance reading copy from NetGalley, and I’m so glad I requested it. I only wish that this book had been around for me a few years ago.

Although aimed primarily at teenagers who have experienced loss, I think this book is valuable for any age range, I certainly found it so helpful to think about the ways I’ve been experiencing and ‘dealing with’ my grief over the last few years, and I think it would be helpful for anyone else in that situation.

“We were not made for a life narrowed by fear, but one lived with courage, in the knowledge that ultimately, God has conquered every darkness it contains.”

The author has personal experience of the worst kind of loss, losing her mother as a young child, and along with her own experiences, she also talks to other people who have experienced losses of their own, whether sudden or expected, and while these stories are heartbreaking, they really help you to realise that you’re not alone and what you’re feeling is not unusual or wrong.

The writing style was very relatable, perfect for teenagers, but also full of emotion, not afraid to shy away from talking about the hard stuff, like most people do when talking about grief.

Written from a religious perspective, the book may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I loved how the author talked about how God sees us and is with us in our grief.

“God sees our bruises, even if others don’t, and doesn’t ask anything of us at this time. He doesn’t promise us that bad news will never come to our door, but he does promise to be with us, always.”

As well as people’s stories, the book is filled with practical tips for helping you find your way to a new normal after experiencing a loss, even though things feel like they may never be normal again.

This book is filled with comfort and hope and the reassurance that you’re not alone, even if you’re not experiencing your grief in the same way as everyone else.

“Only you can do your journey through grief”

My rating: 4Average rating: 3.86
160 pages. Published in: 2020
Read in E-bookon 14th-20th May 2020

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