Giovanna & Tom Fletcher – The Eve Illusion

Following the cliffhanger at the end of Eve of Man, I’ve been waiting with baited breath for this to be released as I really needed to know what happened to Eve and Bram.

I was not disappointed, devouring this book in 2 sittings, unable to put it down as I was pulled into the dramatically unfolding story of Eve’s escape.

So Eve is free, but what is she going to do with her freedom? And what about all the people still looking for her? It seems like Eve might not be as safe as she thought she was going to be. And heading back into the tower may seem unthinkable, but what if it’s the only option?

Compared to the first book, I found this book was a bit more ‘adult’, certain parts had me in shock due to the brutality or viciousness of what I was reading – it was slightly unexpected, but not unwelcome. It was hard to read, but certainly kept me gripped.

I loved the different perspectives we got to read this book through. Not just Eve and Bram, but also Michael who is still inside the tower, giving us a unique perspective into what’s going on now that Eve has left.

One thing I struggled with in the first book was the lack of world-building compared to similar books I’ve read before, but I found this much better in this second book in the series, feeling like I was more immersed in Eve and Bram’s world and able to connect with where they were going and what they were doing.

Given it’s a trilogy, you probably won’t be surprised to find out that the book ended with a twist that made me immediately wish for the final book, but I guess I’ll just have to wait impatiently again.

My rating: 4Average rating: 4.49
400 pages. Published in: 2020
Read in Hardbackon 26th April 2020

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