Andrzej Sapkowski – The Last Wish (The Witcher #1)

To be honest, I’m a bit conflicted about this book. Even calling it a book feels weird, because it’s not a novel, it’s a collection of short stories. And that’s the main reason I’m conflicted.

I loved Geralt, the main character (aka The Witcher), his sense of humour and his unique perspective on the world are definitely going to make this series an interesting read. But it was really hard to get to know him when the story kept flipping about.

So while I thought this was an intriguing collection of stories, it’s not the way I would have chosen to be introduced to a new series of books, as getting any kind of ‘relationship’ with the main characters was pretty difficult.

I did, however, think that the use of short stories to give you a broader background of the world and the characters was pretty clever – there’s no long pre-ambling introduction necessary – you’re just dropped into the action and then the background unfolds itself as the stories progress. Which was brilliant for setting a good pace and making sure the first few chapters weren’t just dry and boring like a history lesson.

I definitely think I’ll go on and try to read the next in the series, which I’m hoping is a novel and not another story collection, but it’ll have to wait until this lockdown is over and I can get back out to Waterstones to spend my voucher. Which to be honest, sums up my feelings perfectly – I liked the book enough to carry on to the next one, but it didn’t set me on fire enough to amazon prime the next one to my door.

My rating: 3Average rating: 4.17
280 pages. Published in: 2008
Read in Paperbackon 15th-21st March 2020

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