Milly Johnson – The Little Dreams of Lara Cliffe

Lara Cliffe has had a rocky road to get to this week – her hen do on a cruise to Amsterdam and back. Her love life has not been plain sailing (no pun intended), but she’s finally happy and more than ready to settle down.

But when, on the first night of the cruise, she comes face to face with the guy who broke her heart into pieces, and it seems like he might be truly sorry, what will Lara do? Was it fate that brought them back together?

I have to say, even though this was a short story (published as part of the Quick Reads series for World Book Day), it had a lot of ups and downs. Many times that I wanted to reach into the book, grab Lara by her shoulders and shake some sense into her.

I won’t go into the story any more, because being short, it would be really easy for me to give away major spoilers. But it was a delightful read, as per usual from Milly. For only £1, you can’t go wrong, and if you’ve never read a Milly Johnson book before, this is the perfect gateway into a world of loveliness.

Who the hell said dreams had to be big? It doesn’t matter what size your dream is, as long as it fits into that dream-sized hole in your heart.

My rating: 5Average rating: 4.24
77 pages. Published in: 2020
Read in Paperbackon 14th March 2020

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