She Reads Truth – Advent 2019: A Thrill of Hope

“A Thrill of Hope, the weary world rejoices”.

O Holy Night – one of my favourite Christmas hymns. And I’ve sure been feeling weary these last few months. This for me was the perfect reading plan for Advent – getting ready to celebrate Christmas in the best way possible – by reading the Bible.

I love how, as always, the focus of this book was the Bible passages for each daily reading. But interspersed with those passages were delightful little extras – sheet music for Christmas songs, gorgeous Christmas recipes and Christmas crafts that I bought the materials for but ran out of time to actually complete (next year, maybe?).

My favourite moment of the entire reading plan was coming home from midnight communion on Christmas Eve, and sitting on the windowseat in my bedroom while the busy house (with family sleeping over) was silent, and absorbing myself in the Christmas Day readings. Before the hustle and bustle of Christmas Day, having that time to quietly read was just what I needed.

My rating: 5Average rating: 4.49
160 pages. Published in: 2019
Read in Paperbackon 1st December – 31st December 2019

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