Sophie Kinsella – I Owe You One

Fixie Farr has a reputation for always needing to fix things. Whether it’s just something out of place in her family shop, or something much bigger, she just can’t help herself. But most of the time, she ends up just causing more trouble by trying to make everything perfect.

When she saves a stranger’s laptop from imminent doom, he tells her he owes her one, and so begins a long line of favours back and forth between Seb and Fixie, some much bigger than others.

Unfortunately, although we can see that Seb would be a perfect partner for Fixie if she would just open her eyes, she’s blinded by her high school crush Ryan, who has just come back into her life and declared that he loves her. We can all see that he’s treating her like rubbish, but she’s been in love with him so long, she can’t see it. And with her need to fix everything, he’s like the perfect project.

Unfortunately, Ryan isn’t Fixie’s only problem. Her mum has had a health scare and left Fixie and her siblings in charge of the family shop, but it seems like only Fixie has the shop’s best interests at heart, her siblings have some rather wacky ideas that they’re determined to implement.

So as you can see, life isn’t straightforward for Fixie right now, but the path of true love never did run straight…

A fab book, just what I needed in my current reading rut, I was swept away in the story and captivated from beginning to end. I’d expect nothing else from Kinsella to be honest, she’s one of my favourite romance authors.

My rating: 4Average rating: 3.56
384 pages. Published in: 2019
Read in Paperbackon 13th-14th December 2019

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