Claire McGowan – What You Did

Not my usual kind of book, but I got this one for free through the Amazon First Reads program and it kept me going through a long couple of train journeys to London and back.

I say not my usual kind of book, I’ve read crime/thrillers before and I usually do find them quite enjoyable, but it’s not my first choice genre as I like to feel warm and snuggled in a book and thrillers usually set me on edge – not good when you’re about to go to sleep!

But despite the fact that it’s not my normal cup of tea, I did find myself a little disappointed by this one. When we finally figured out ‘whodunnit’, I was genuinely surprised. I’d had my own theories, but I was way off, as per usual.

Aside from the fact that I couldn’t figure out who the culprit was, I found the characters completely unrelateable and at points pretty unlikeable.

There are some pretty big issues covered in the book, rape and domestic abuse, cheating and violence, and I don’t really think that they were dealt with that sensitively to be honest. Rather than feeling sympathy for the victims, I just couldn’t stand them. Not quite thinking they deserved it, but I didn’t feel any empathy or emotional pull towards them. And when the story finally wrapped up, although I was surprised by the ending, I didn’t find any happiness or relief in that.

I’ve had mixed luck with the amazon first reads books, but for me, this one was definitely a dud.

My rating: 2Average rating: 3.89
282 pages. Published in: 2019
Read in E-bookon 15th-18th September 2019

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