I’m back! (AKA Blog like no-one’s watching…)

…because they’re probably not!

It’s been an awful long time since I did any actual blogging on here – three years to be precise. I’ve concentrated more on book reviews and less on blogging, partly because I didn’t think what I had to say was worth saying.

But two things have changed my mind recently.

Firstly, I’ve started to feel the itch to blog again. something I haven’t wanted to do for a while. And while I really want to write, I no longer feel pressure to write a specific thing that people might expect from me – I felt this before but I’m now a lot more comfortable in being myself.

Secondly, I recently went to a conference called All Day Hey, and one of the talks was titled ‘Blog like no-one’s watching’, and while that’s probably true in my case anyway, the point of the talk was that you should blog about the things you care about, it doesn’t matter if it’s not work-related or anything to do with your profession, if you care about it, write about it.

I’ve always felt writing quite cathartic, even if I’m not particularly good at crafting the right words onto the page, but things that have happened in my personal life over the last couple of years have basically decimated my motivation to do anything at all. It’s been a struggle, and if I’m honest, I’m still struggling. But I’m hoping that blogging might help me get out some of the things I’m finding difficult and give me a space to vent some emotions.

So watch this space for more posts coming soon!

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