Andrew Pettegree – Brand Luther

I started reading this book as a recommendation when we celebrated the 500th anniversary of the reformation in Church. As the reformation started in 1517, that probably makes it quite obvious that it’s taken me quite a while to read this!

The book was a fascinating take on the reformation, focused on the impact that Martin Luther had on the printing industry in Germany. Not too deep on theology, but I found the subject matter rather dry and scholarly so I didn’t find myself with a huge desire to pick up the book.

As such, it has sat on my bedside table being read 1 or 2 pages at a time. That means I can’t really give it a fair review as I probably didn’t give it the chance it deserved to be appreciated fully, but what I will say is that although it took me so long to read, I definitely felt like I learned a lot from reading it, and things that I didn’t learn from the other reformation history book I read.

If you’re interested in the history of the printing press more than the history of the reformation, I’d definitely recommend this book, but I think there are definitely (for me) more engaging books on the reformation.

My rating: 3Average rating: 4.05
383 pages. Published in: 2015
Read in Paperbackon 5th February 2017 – 18th June 2019

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