Sarah Bennett – Spring at Lavender Bay

I’m in two minds over how to review this book – on one hand, I read the book in just a few hours and I felt really invested in how Beth’s story would turn out.

But what was really jarring for me was that there were so many editorial mistakes that I kept being jolted out of the flow of the story because either the sentence didn’t make sense or a spelling mistake meant my brain had to try and process what was being said.

Like “His mum had always had a funny term of phrase’, or ‘Please try and remember than none of this is about you’. I know it shouldn’t bother me so much, but I find it really offputting.

But in terms of the story, although it was pretty predictable what was going to happen, I still felt invested in it – the characters were really likeable and made you want to root for things to go in the right direction for them.

I appreciated how well described Lavender Bay was, I felt as if I could be there with them, smelling the fields of lavender mixed with the salt from the sea – sounds like heaven!

I’d say if you were wanting an easy read and could forgive the mistakes, I’d recommend this book, and I would probably read the next in the series if it was cheap enough, but it’s not something that I’m desperate to read so clearly not one of my favourites.

My rating: 3/5Average rating: 4.09
205 pages. Published in: 2018
Read in E-bookon 11th-12th May 2019

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