The One Hour Bible

I can’t really review this book in the same way as I would usually, for one simple reason. Unlike some other ‘read the Bible’ books where the content is rewritten to make it fit into an hour, this was the actual words of the Bible – selected passages to give you the general overview of the Bible story in just about an hour (I think it actually took me slightly longer than an hour to read, but thereabouts).

I really appreciated the fact that it wasn’t rewritten, the words of the Bible have so much power, and even though this was massively abridged, it was a really great introduction for beginners to see what the story is. My husband bought this book at Durham Cathedral, and I really hope it will be good for him to see what it’s all about – I’m hoping (and I guess the publishers are too) that this will be an enticing peek that will make people want to pick up the actual Bible.

That’s where The One Hour Bible comes in. Whatever your present level of acquaintance with the Bible, this little book will enable you to stand back and view the epic sweep of the Bible’s entire narrative arc – from the majestic opening of the book of Genesis to the final stirring words of Revelation

The One Hour Bible

This quote from the introduction really summed it up for me – it’s really easy when reading the Bible to be focused on particular parts or themes, and the ability to take in the whole arc of the Bible in around an hour was great for putting it back into context.

I’d highly recommend this for anyone, no matter newbie or experienced, if you just want to know what’s going on, or if you just want a step back. I’m thinking that this would be great for using with our youth group too – we could read through the whole Bible in just a few sessions.

My rating: 5Average rating: 5.00
112 pages. Published in: 2018
Read in Paperbackon 31st December 2018

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