Brandon Sanderson – Words of Radiance (part 2)

Ahhhhhhhhh! I’ve not been so invested in a book for quite some time, it just seemed like it got more and more thrilling the more pages I turned, it made a 2.5 hour train journey pass in what seemed like no time at all, and left me gutted that I couldn’t stay on for an extra 20 minutes as I was so close to the end!

As I predicted in the last review, Shallan’s influence really comes to the fore in the second half of Words of Radiance, she’s definitely the driving force behind the plot and takes the story in a direction that I would never have guessed!

But my favourite Kaladin plays a major part too which I was so glad about. We see many flashbacks to Shallan’s childhood in this book and we can piece together what happened to tear her family apart and how she ended up searching out Jasnah in the first place.

The book culminates in a battle the likes of which I’ve never read before, when the countdown finally reaches 0 and the Parshendi unleash the Everstorm in a dramatic and brutal way. I felt so absorbed in what was going on and the descriptions drew me in so much that I felt like I was in on the action, and it felt like I had adrenaline running through my veins until the drama was over (or at least, until it had abated slightly).

I won’t give away any spoilers (even though it’s really hard not to), but the book took a very dramatic twist at the end, so far wild of anything I would have predicted, and now I’m desperate to get onto Oathbringer. I’m just glad I’ve bought it in E-book format, even though I have a signed hardback copy, as it’s 1,243 pages long.

My rating: 5/5Average rating: 4.82
564 pages. Published in: 2014
Read in Paperbackon 21st – 26th August 2018

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