Brandon Sanderson – Mitosis

Unfortunately, I think my opinion of this book may be clouded by the fact that I paid £8.99 for a book that was ultimately only 45 pages long. I bought it as a physical book rather than an ebook because I wanted to complete my Brandon Sanderson collection, but when I looked online, it said that it was 96 pages long. Turns out that half those pages are the start of the next book in the series.

But apart from that obvious disappointment, the novella itself was great, as you would expect from a Sanderson book (even if they’re usually 20x longer!). Taking place in between Steelheart and Firefight, it was a nice little filler story, and a great way of introducing us to a new Epic. I’m not sure if reading this was really necessary before starting Firefight, but at least I won’t be feeling like I’ve missed out.

After starting the book talking about what sounded like a delicious hot dog, we’re introduced to a new Epic called Mitosis, who can split himself into unlimited cloned copies of himself. Unfortunately, the more clones he makes, the more unstable he becomes.

But he’s returned to the city to find the Steelslayer and demand the truth about how Steelheart died. Can David and his team find out his weaknesses before it’s too late?

Well all I will say is that it won’t take you long to find out! It probably only took me 25 minutes to finish the story, which was finished off with some new artwork of Epics who I assume will feature heavily in the next book. Can’t wait to meet them properly!

My rating: 4/5Average rating: 3.87
96 pages. Published in: 2013
Read in Hardbackon 28th July 2018

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