Milly Johnson – A Summer Fling

Ah Milly Johnson, I could read you forever. As usual, this book was brilliant from start to end. The kind of book that I start reading and it turns into a lovely film inside my head, and I don’t realise how long I’ve been reading until I’m 200 pages in and my back is hurting from sitting in one place for too long!

One of my favourite things about Milly’s books is that they’re set in Yorkshire and all her characters are so lovely and relateable. Sometimes when I’m reading ‘chick-lit’, I find the characters so different from me that I can’t empathise with them at all, but I always feel like I could be best friends with the characters that Milly creates.

This book was no different. Despite the 5 main ladies being such different characters, I could imagine sitting with them in The Rising Sun and having a drink and a gossip.

The other thing that Milly has a complete knack for is creating the perfect ‘bad guys’. The men who are complete idiots and don’t deserve the lovely ladies they’ve got. The men never seem exaggerated, but you despise them all the same.

But that just leaves room for the nice guys like Vladimir or Niki to come in and sweep the lovely ladies off their feet, when they finally realise how lovely they are.

This book was like literary girl-power. All the ladies teaming up together and having each other’s backs to get them out of the bad situations they were in and make them finally happy again.

Love love loved it. Devoured it in less than a day because I just needed to know what was going to happen.

My rating: 5/5Average rating: 4.21
484 pages. Published in: 2007
Read in Paperbackon 13-14th May 2018

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