Allan Stratton – The Way Back Home

Urgh. I don’t know if I’m just way older than the target demographic for this book, but I just could not get along with it. I’m guessing it was aimed at teenagers who may be able to relate to the main character, Zoe, but I just found her a whiny brat throughout the whole book and it completely spoilt it for me.

I think it’s supposed to be played as Zoe the wild child going on this grand adventure and somehow reuniting the family and making everything right in the world, but all I could think about was how selfish Zoe was being.

Her grandma has dementia and she’s finding it hard to live alone (although she doesn’t realise it herself), so Zoe’s parents place her in a care home so she can be looked after. But Zoe decides that her grandma shouldn’t be in a care home, she should be “free”, so she decides to take her on a trip across Canada to visit her estranged son.

I think we’re supposed to think Zoe is a hero for trying to rescue her grandma from the evil parents, but the only thought running through my mind was how naive she was.

Unfortunately, this is my first 1 star review of the year. Maybe other people would enjoy it more than me (it does have a 3.85 average on Goodreads), but it just wasn’t for me.


My rating: 1/5Average rating: 3.85
266 pages. Published in: 2017
Read in E-bookon 15th-16th March 2018

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