Jeanne Ryan – Nerve

I’d been eyeing this film up on Netflix for a while, but hadn’t realised it was based on a book, so when I came across it on my library app I was glad I hadn’t already watched it so I could read it first.

Now I’ve read it, I’m not quite so sure I want to watch the film. It started off quite thrilling, but not too extreme and I was definitely enjoying the excitement of the online game that Vee had found herself drawn into – even if the dares seemed quite juvenile and to start with Vee had problems completing even the most basic ones without having a breakdown.

But somewhere in the later half of the book, I felt like something changed and the story became way more twisted and a bit too horror-movie like for my tastes. And then after so much build-up and suspense, the actually ending was such an anti-climax that I wished I hadn’t wasted all my time on this book.

On top of that I just found the main characters completely unrelatable. Vee was so whiny that I just felt like I wanted to grab her shoulders and shake her to snap her out of it. The most annoying thing was that she was constantly whining about the game that she herself had signed up for.

She was after the money and the glory and living up the newfound popularity that she had been given, but still whining about all the negatives that came with that.

My main two gripes however:

1. The book was mentioned in the details as comparable to The Hunger Games. I wish people would stop comparing every young adult book to The Hunger Games when they’re nothing alike. What they actually want you to do is compare it to the success of The Hunger Games, but to do that, they should put more effort into what they’re writing.

2. The book started with a really odd prologue. I figured that when the prologue finished, we’d skipped back in time and would catch up to the prologue timeline by the end, but it’s never referenced again and I’m just so confused by that. It made no sense whatsoever.

I’m tempted to watch the film just to see if the screenwriters managed to make a better plot from it, but I’m not holding out much hope!

My rating: 2/5Average rating: 3.39
306 pages. Published in: 2012
Read in E-bookon 3rd-11th February

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