Tom Fletcher – The Christmasaurus

Following Tom Fletcher on Instagram and Twitter, I’ve heard a lot about this book in the run up to its release and the subsequent praise that it received, so when I saw it on offer at Costco, I just couldn’t resist. I love reading Christmassy books in the run up to Christmas, and this one was perfect.

Although it’s a kids book, I didn’t find that it was written in a childish tone, although there were quite a few silly jokes and made up words which made me giggle, and I can imagine that a child would find them hilarious. When I’d been hearing about it, I assumed it would be a short book, but it was a 384 page novel. Saying that, I did finish it in two sittings, I just couldn’t stop turning the pages, and obviously the writing was a bit larger than a normal novel.

I loved Fletcher’s imagination in creating the characters and plot of this book, I was transfixed the whole way through, it was completely magical. I’d definitely recommend this as an ideal Christmas book for children and adults alike.

P.s. I know that my book reviews have been a bit lacklustre lately, and it’s taking me ages after I finish reading the book to actually post the review, which means I lose a bit of my excitement when I write the review. It’s my new years resolution to be a better blogger next year, so keep reading!

My rating: 5/5Average rating: 4.43
384 pages. Published in: 2016
Read in Hardbackon 15th-16th December 2016

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