Maria V. Snyder – Magic Study

So while I was reading this book, I kinda broke my blog a little bit, so I haven’t been able to post this review, even though it’s been well over a month since I read it. So I do apologise if this review is lacking a bit. I’ve also been in hospital for the last 3 weeks, so I think I can get a reprieve in this instance!

The book follows on from Poison Study, which I loved, and this book was much the same. Yelena is travelling back to her homeland to meet her family and discover more about her roots, but she doesn’t entirely get the warm welcome she was expecting. In fact, she discovers facts about her brother that shock her to her core.

Valek is absent for much of the first part of the book, but thankfully he makes an appearance later on, much to my (and Yelena’s) delight. Although it’s not all plain sailing, as Valek isn’t exactly welcome in Yelena’s homeland, Sitia.

I wouldn’t say I enjoyed this book as much as Poison Study, it seemed to have lost some of the unique sense of excitement that I felt when reading that, but it was still a great read and I can’t wait to start on book 3!

My rating: 5/5Average rating: 4.07
390 pages. Published in: 2006
Read in Paperbackon 17th April – 1st May 2016

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