Adrian Plass – The Growing Up Pains of Adrian Plass

For the last couple of months, Cameron and I have been going to the Alpha Course at Church. It’s been really interesting to learn more about Christianity, and it’s been made even better by having such a good group of people on our table for the discussions after the talk, it’s really become the highlight of my week, I look forward to it so much.

This author was recommended to me by a lady on my table called Eunice. She’s so wise and everything she says is so considered, so when she told me that I should read something by Adrian Plass, I didn’t even hesitate. Thankfully, our Church has a book stall at the back, so I picked up a book which contains both this and another book in one and started straight away.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first book in the compilation, which was written in 1989. As Eunice said, Adrian Plass has a way of writing that is so pleasing. The book made me smile and it brought me to tears, but it was an open and honest account of the authors discovery and development of his faith. He’s lived a very interesting life, but it has had it’s ups and downs and he hasn’t hid any of it from us in writing this book.

At less than 200 pages long, it wasn’t nearly long enough to satisfy my need for fantastic writing like this, so I’m very glad that this came as a compilation with another book, Why I Follow Jesus, which was written in 2010.

If I was to try and list all the quotes from the book that resonated with me, we could be here a long time, so I’ll just go with the one that has stuck with me the most:

“Whatever I may say here, the things that happen to me are not the things that will happen to the next man and I have no right to try to crush him into the little box of my own experience.”

I think we’re all guilty of this, unable to see what someone may be going through if we can’t fit it into the mold of something that we’ve experienced in the past, a very important quote to remember, I think.

Before I read the next Plass book, I’m taking a break to read The Screwtape Letters, also recommended to me by Eunice after our session on evil and the devil at Alpha Course yesterday. I want to read it while the talk is still fresh in my mind.


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