Charlie N. Holmberg – The Master Magician

When I found out this book had been released, I had to stop what I was reading and get this right away! Thank goodness for Kindle Unlimited, which meant I could read this without worrying about the state of my bank balance!

I fell in love with Ceony and Emery at the end of last year when I read and became enthralled by The Paper Magician and The Glass Magician. I left the second book desperately yearning to find out if Ceony could finally get her dream, and I’m happy to report that this book made my dreams come true.

As usual, Ceony manages to get herself into unnecessary trouble by believing that she’d be safer fighting the bad guys alone without getting anyone else involved. Foolishly thinking that she’s keeping everyone out of danger, but managing to endanger them more in the process.

Towards the start of this book, Ceony is sent to finish her apprenticeship and complete her final test under a different magician, as Emery doesn’t want the world to think that he showed any bias towards Ceony because of their close relationship. But this new magician is nothing like Emery, and with the new laws about to come into place regarding opposite-sex apprenticeships, Ceony feels like she may end up losing her chance to pass the test and her relationship with Emery in one fell swoop.

Add to this the fact that her deadly enemy is now chasing her for revenge, and you can tell Ceony is not having the best of times!

I don’t want to give away too many plot spoilers here because I’d really recommend that you pick up this book (the whole series in fact). For such a short book (this one is only 200 pages), the author has done a fantastic job at creating this brilliantly magical world, and characters so utterly loveable that you can’t bear the thought of leaving them.

I finished this book on my lunch break today with a beaming smile on my face. After a nailbiting hour of frantic page turning trying to uncover what was going to happen, let’s just say that I was very happy with the ending. Not just what was written, but how it was written too. I think we know by now that I loved loved loved this book, so I’ll just finish off with two of my favourite quotes:

“When one believes in oneself, even the extraordinary is possible”

“How many men can honestly say a woman has walked their heart? But I can. And if you’ll have me, I’d like you to stay there.”


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