Walking through the Old Testament

At the weekend, I went to an event at Pudsey Parish Church called Walk Through The Bible. This particular one was the Old Testament version, but they also run a New Testament version too.

Ever since I started going back to Church last month, I’ve been feeling so much happier in myself. Apart from being in contact with God again and feeling my spirit renewed, I’ve met so many wonderfully friendly people – not a service goes by where I don’t meet someone knew, it’s been absolutely fantastic. I’ve joined a Cell group which meets on a Tuesday night for 2 hours for prayers, Bible study and discussion, and we even had the Vicar round for a cuppa last night for an introductory chat.

But coming back to Church, I realised how much I don’t know about the Bible, and how much has been forgotten during my time away, so when I heard about Walk Through the Bible, it sounded perfect. I couldn’t manage to persuade anyone to come along with me, so it was a bit daunting going along. I’m generally a very solitary person and not good at talking to new people, so it was a bit scary walking into a room full of people I didn’t know, but I was feeling at ease very quickly thanks to the wonderful people I mentioned earlier.

After a cup of tea, it was time for the event to start, and within the first few minutes it became clear that the day was going to involve a lot of actions; pointing and making shapes with our hands. That’s usually not my kind of thing, I always feel really self conscious doing them, but I quickly realised that the actions were vital to remembering my way through so much.

By the end of the day, we had a string of 77 actions taking us all the way from Creation to Christ. It was amazing how you could remember them all, I’d never have remembered without them!!

The instructor who was leading our course was fantastic. Totally charismatic and full of jokes and stories to make the day fun. I had initially thought that 8 hours of bible study would be draining, but apart from a slight post-lunch too-much-tea induced lag, the day flew by.

The event was so popular (I think there were about 40 people there) that the Vicar has asked them to come back and do the New Testament version too. I’ll be first on the list to sign up for it when it does, it was the best thing I’ve done in ages!! If there’s one in your area, I’d highly recommend it, so much fun!!

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