Nancy Naigle – Sweet Tea and Secrets

Well this book was most definitely not what I expected, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. When I downloaded it, I was thinking it would be something like Charlaine Harris’ Lily Bard series, a southern murder mystery kind of novel. I guess I didn’t really read the description too well, as there were no murders of any sort. There was a bit of suspense, but as the main plot of the book was very much a romance, the suspense was quite predictable.

You can tell right from the start that the man that Jill is currently with is a complete bum-hole and doesn’t deserve her, and you can guess quite quickly what the crack is going to be with the Kase foundation too. You also know that Jill is destined to be with Garrett, and that even though she professes to find him completely annoying, she secretly loves him anyway.

I loved the Grandma Pearl character. Even though she dies very early on in the book, her influence is very much felt throughout, meddling in her granddaughter’s life long after she’s left her, and leaving surprises for Jill that she would never have expected.

So all in all, even though I didn’t get the book that I thought I would, I’m glad I stuck it out and persevered through the book, it definitely made me smile to myself a lot on my commute, even if it didn’t have the depth of story that I’ve been used to this year.

A quick note about the audio book, I realise that the book was set in the southern states of America and there would be an accent that comes with it, but I found the narrators accent very grating. I usually don’t have a problem with most American accents, but this particular woman just got on my nerves if I listened to it for too long. Thankfully with it being the Easter holidays the traffic has been much quieter so the book has been listened to in much smaller segments than normal!


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