C.S. Lewis – The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Well after reading this book, I’ve come to the conclusion that I can never have read it before (even though I thought I had), because it was just not familiar to me at all!

I would imagine that most people have read the book, so there’s no need for a full in depth review of the contents of the book here. Even though it’s clearly written for children, it still managed to keep me enthralled throughout, completely engrossed in the story and wanting to turn the page again and again to see what happened.

The book retained the same biblical influences as The Magician’s Nephew. They’re not hidden, in fact they jump right out at you. I mean, Aslan sacrificing himself for the sake of the kingdom, and then coming back to life and re-appearing to the children? If you don’t see the religious connotations behind that, especially at this time of year, then you must be kidding yourself.

Not that I minded of course. Having read Lewis’ book Mere Christianity, it’s obvious that he has a strong faith, and why not try and convey that to your readers too?

I did enjoy the fact that even though the story is completely separate to the first Narnia book, it’s still set in the same kingdom and retains connections to its predecessor to keep the books tied together.

I’m definitely looking forward to moving on to Narnia book three, I’ve definitely never read this one, or even heard what the story is, so it’s new territory for me. Judging by how much I’ve enjoyed the first two in the series, I’m in for a treat!


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