On the Set of Downton Abbey

After our trip to Chedworth Roman Villa, we drove all the way up to Snowshill to find that it was closed! So we then ended up having lunch in a lovely cafe in the middle of the Cotswolds, a goats cheese and roasted vegetable jacket potato which was scrumptious. After that, it was getting quite late in the afternoon so we decided to head back towards Bristol and thought we’d call in at Lacock Abbey on the way home.

But true to the luck we’d been having that day, we turned up 25 minutes after the last entry to the Abbey. But after walking to the gift shop, we were told that they were filming a ‘period drama’ in the village. The woman in the shop wouldn’t tell us what it was, but the security guard at the end of the road was all too happy to let us know that it was Downton Abbey.

I LOVE Downton Abbey, so I was properly made up that we might get to see some of the stars. And I wasn’t disappointed. They were filming a scene with Carson and Mrs Hughes, but we also walked past Mr Bates and Anna walked right past us too. She was so small and pretty, even wrapped up from the cold in a coat and ugg boots.

It was very exciting to watch them filming and see how many extra were needed for one scene. I can’t wait for the series to come out so we can see the scene! Check out a video at the bottom for a clip of what they were filming!

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