Nick Spalding – Fat Chance

This book looked like a light hearted bit of fun, following a couple through a biggest loser style contest to lose as much weight as possible.

As I’ve just started back at the gym again in a bid to get healthier, I thought it might be a bit of motivation, but I don’t think the author can ever have been overweight in his life. From collapsing chairs, to getting stuck in dresses in changing rooms, the book was just one fat-person cliche after another. Quite insulting to anyone who has actually been overweight as the whole thing just seemed like a veiled attempt to laugh at fat people and preach about how easy it is to lose weight.

I found the characters completely unlikeable, probably due to their hugely (pardon the pun) stereotyped characters. This meant that I really felt no involvement in this competition they’re competing in, so I didn’t really care if they won or not. I pretty much just speed read through the last half of the book as I just wanted to get it over with and find something a bit more to my tastes.

A nice idea, but terribly executed and horribly stereotyped.


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