Chrissie Manby – The Christmas List

To get myself in the festive spirit, I decided to download a few Christmas themed books with my Kindle Unlimited membership. To me, fantasy and crime books aren’t really the kind of books that evoke festive feelings, so I downloaded a few ‘Chick-Lit’ books to satisfy my Christmas cravings.

This was only a very short book really (about 100 pages), but the audio version got me through 2 days of commuting to and from work, so it didn’t go by too quickly.

The main premise of the book is a young woman who absolutely adores Christmas, and gets dumped just before the start of advent. Milly is distraught, as even though she’d only been going out with Duncan for 11 months, she’s been planning their wedding on pinterest for the past 7 of them. A little bit bunny-boiler-ish, but never mind.

To cheer herself up, she writes a Christmas letter with her two young nephews and then sends them up the chimney to Santa. She’s rather surprised when the things she’s asked for start to come into her life. Maybe not as she would have planned it, but it’s all quite coincidental. Until she writes another list to Santa asking for something altogether bigger, and guess what? She gets that too!

It’s quite a light hearted book with just the right amount of Christmas spirit to get me worked up for Christmas Day tomorrow. I would have liked it if Milly was a little more go-getter-ish and a little less mopey, but you can’t always have everything you want.

I wouldn’t say it was the best book I’ve read, but it definitely wasn’t the worst, just a nice easy-going read. The ending felt a little rushed, as if the author had been given a word/page limit and had to wrap things up to stop from writing too much. I would have rather taken some of the fluff out of the middle and made the ending a little more full, but that’s just me.


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