Veronica Roth – Four (A Divergent Collection)

I first spied this book just after it came out, but when I saw the price, I thought I’d leave it for my Christmas list, I didn’t really want to pay £9 for a book of short stories. But then I was having a pretty bad day and my lovely boyfriend brought it home for me, so I was very happy!

I didn’t really know what to expect from the collection, I knew it was four short stories written from the perspective of Tobias, but that was about it. I saw quite a few reviews on Goodreads that said it was a bit boring as there was a lot of repetition between the shorts and the main series, but I loved seeing how it all happened from a different perspective. It definitely changed my opinion of Tobias a little bit, especially the last story which was set around Tris’ initiation. In the main series, we see him as being a little on the mean side, but from his perspective we can see why he needed to do this and how much it killed him to have to do it.

After the main set of four short stories, there were also three even shorter stories, which were extremely short and sweet, but lovely all the same. I’m not going to hide the fact that I’m a huge fan of this series, and I thought these extra stories were brilliant, a perfect way of fleshing out some of the details which were missing from the main series.

I’d kinda like it if there were more stories from the perspective of some of the other characters, like Eric and Al. We’re not supposed to like these characters so it would be nice to see what was going through their heads too.

If you loved Roth’s style of writing in the main series and you loved the characters and you’re just hungry for more Tris and Tobias, you’ll love this book!


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