HM2014 – 22nd July

Well at first, I stopped writing the blog posts even though I was carrying on with my healthy mission, but that very quickly turned into not being healthy either. I had the wake up call I needed yesterday when I had to go to a client meeting with work for the first time in ages and I could hardly fasten the button on my trousers! 8 hours sat in a car (and 2 in a meeting) wearing trousers that didn’t really fit was not very comfortable, so I’m making a change right now.

While I was on holiday last week, we went shopping at the Trafford Centre and I bought myself a new lunchbox from John Lewis (it was on sale), and I’ve filled it up with about 320 calories of healthy food for my lunch and snacks. I’ve had a shake for breakfast this morning, which means that I’ll be able to have a relatively normal dinner and be okay on my calories.

Healthy lunch and snacks

At the weekend, I also decided to replace my Fitbit One with a Fitbit Flex. It’s worn on the wrist instead of on the pocket, which is much easier for me, so hopefully it will give me the motivation I need to get moving again and get back in shape!

I’ve got 39 days to go before I’m going to a wedding, and while I know that I’m not going to be able to do much by that date, I can at least hopefully make myself feel better. I’m now just trying to persuade Cameron to eat healthily with me to give me some moral support and stop me from giving up!

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