Rachel Schurig – In Search of a Love Story

Rachel Schurig - In Search of a Love StoryI read a few of Rachel Schurig’s books earlier this year and really enjoyed them. It’s typical predictable chick-lit, but that’s not always a bad thing. If you want to get lost in something easy to work where you can become completely absorbed with the characters, there’s nothing better than a good chick-lit book.

I found it very easy to get lost in this book, Em was a very likeable main character, not stuck up or pretentious like some lead characters can be. And I liked most of her friends too, although I did find the character of Ashley quite annoying.

The basic premise of the book is that Em has just broken up with her latest boyfriend, and feels like her track record of men is terrible and she may as well just give up (she’s only 25!), but her friends decide that the reason she can’t keep a boyfriend is that she’s no good at romance; she never watches romantic films, doesn’t read books like Pride and Prejudice, and doesn’t pay much attention to her appearance. In Em’s defence, she has way more important things to be interested in, like her flourishing career as a physical therapist, but her character in the beginning is a bit of a weak pushover, and she lets her friends bully her into a ‘project’ to make her become more romantic.

Needless to say, Em falls head over heels for a guy that she believes is the perfect man. He buys her presents, takes her to expensive places and generally treats her like a princess. But when he starts to become more controlling over her, Em feels like she should be grateful that someone like him would be interested in someone like her. At this point, you’re practically shouting at the book for her to open her eyes and realise that he’s a tool. Especially since you’ve already known for half the book that the perfect guy is right in front of her and she just can’t see him.

Being a chick-lit book, you can probably guess where the ending is heading, so I won’t go any further into the plot. But I have to give props to Schurig for the way that she allows Em to realise the truth about where her future should be. I’m not ashamed to admit that I may have shed a tear or two towards the end.

After reading and enjoying four of Schurig’s books, it makes me quite happy to open her author page on Goodreads and find she’s written many more! Although I think I should read some more off my shelf before I spend any more money on books!

I’ll just leave you with my favourite quote from the book, it really stood out to me.

“If this guy was the one, you’d know it. And if he is, it’s worth losing all the friendships in the world. I can promise you that. If you’re really in love, your friends will know it. If they don’t, they weren’t worth being friends with in the first place.”


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