HM2014 – 15th May

Well I reached over 11,000 steps yesterday, which is significantly higher than normal!

Before work I went for a very sunny walk around Yeadon Tarn. At lunchtime, I went for a quick walk around the block, and then since I needed to make a call to my insurance company, I took my phone outside and paced up and down while I was on the phone for an extra 600 steps!

After work I went straight up to Yeadon Tarn for another walk around, and it was extremely warm! Lots of people walking around eating ice cream and making me very jealous!

I then persuaded Cameron that we should take Maestro up to Golden Acre for a walk, and that put me well over target! I burned so many calories that I could have eaten another 1,000 and still been under my target for the day, so I was feeling pretty good when I went to sleep!

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