HM2014 – 6th May

Yesterday was the first day this week that I managed to get over 10,000 steps!

To start the day, we went to Beningborough Hall, a National Trust property near York. Twinned with the National Portrait Gallery, they had an exhibition called Royals: Then and Now, with portraits from Charles I right up to cute Prince George. As well as walking around all three floors of the house, we also walked around the gardens and to the nearby farm shop, taking us to about 5000 steps in total.

After all that, we treated ourselves to tea and cake sat outside in the garden. At £9.50, it wasn’t cheap, but since we get in to the property free as National Trust members, it’s worth it really!

After that, we went to Asda to get some stuff for tea, and that tagged on another thousand or so steps, but after we’d eaten tea, I was feeling restless and didn’t feel like we’d walked enough, so I dragged poor Cameron out for a walk in the rain around Golden Acre. Since all the benches were wet, we couldn’t have our usual sit down half way round, so we pretty much power walked the whole way!

Walking in the rain at Golden Acre!


I have to say, I’m really loving going out for these evening walks, especially since all the extra calories burned means I’m getting nowhere near my calorie limit for the day!

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