HM2014 – 29th April

Well after one day, it seems to be going okay. I’ve realised that I definitely prefer the chocolate shakes to the vanilla ones, but I have three tubs of each so I’ll have to chop and change until they’re all finished – definitely chocolate all the way after that though! I expected to be hungry mid morning and late evening, but surprisingly I wasn’t, the shakes filled me up more than I thought they would!

You may have seen the recipe I posted yesterday, but I spent a good hour last night batch-cooking a big sausage and vegetable pasta bake which will be my lunch for the next 6 days. It smelt so good while it was cooking, but I’d already had my chocolate shake for tea so I was good and only had a button mushroom to taste the sauce, and the rest was portioned away and frozen.


I’m actually excited for my lunch now, so much better than a Morrison’s ready meal; much less sugar and salt, plus I love cooking, so that’s another bonus!

The only dark spot is that I weighed myself this morning for the first time in a long time and I think I’m now higher than I have been this year, the last few weeks have not been good! But I’m not going to weigh myself again for at least a week and just concentrate on eating well and feeling better.

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