HM2014 – 28th April

Well I kinda suck at this don’t I? I may as well have just not bothered at all at the start of the year since I’ve pretty much undone all my hard work, and probably some more. But I’m not going to mope on it, and instead I’m going to start kicking some ass again.

I know it’s not the ideal thing to do, but to get myself kick-started again I’ve decided that for a while I’m going to start having meal replacement shakes for breakfast and tea as these are the two meals where I tend to go way off track, stopping at Subway or Costa or even McDonalds on the way to work for breakfast, and just eating whatever is in the fridge for tea.

Since my dad has not been well and because my mum and brother are usually working on an evening, that leaves me on my own for tea. Cooking for one is quite hard to stay disciplined with and not exactly cheap, and with no-one there to see what I’m eating, it’s not always good! So I feel like this might get me going again. I’ll be having a well balanced lunch at work like I usually do, and some healthy snacks thrown in too.

I also need to get out on my feet more too. I’ve been coming home from work and settling down with a good book rather than going for my usual hour walk. I’m going to have to be strict with myself and get back out there to get my steps up. It would be really nice if I could for once have a higher weekly step total than my boyfriend. I’ve given up on beating my brother since he walks about 13 miles a day for work and I sit on my backside at a PC for 10 hours a day!

So here’s my current inspiration from Pinterest:

Pinterest Get Fit Inspiration

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