Nicholas Sparks – Nights in Rodanthe

20140422-195808.jpgWell I think this is a first; a Nicholas Sparks book that I didn’t enjoy. Usually I love his books and get lost in the romance, but I just wasn’t feeling it with this one!

I just couldn’t form any kind of connection to the main characters, I think in part because they were much older than I am, although this doesn’t usually cause a problem, so I think that probably wasn’t the main reason I didn’t get on with the book.

I think my main problem was that the two characters went from total strangers to being totally in love within what seemed like about 10 pages, and only a few hours of actual time in the book. I’m not saying that this couldn’t happen, but it just seemed very unlikely given the amount of time that they actually spent together.

I found the plot quite weak, and at only 180 pages, there wasn’t much to the book. It was a nice story for Adrienne to pull her daughter Amanda out of the grief that she was feeling by sharing her same grief, but I feel that the book could have been so much more if it was twice as long and the initial romance could have been spread over a week instead of a day.

Just very disappointing all round, I hope the next one is better!


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