Michael Wallace – The Devil’s Deep

Michael Wallace - The Devil's DeepThis was book 3 in my ‘9 killer thrillers’ set from Amazon, and it was just as enjoyable as the rest, although unlike anything I’ve read before.

The plot was very different to the others in the set, not really having anything to do with the police, and having a very strange set of crimes taking place, none of which seem to fit together until very late in the book. It seemed for a long time that there were two different stories running in parallel, but they seamlessly flowed into one towards the end and everything made perfect sense.

So much happened in the book that I don’t really know how to go about even starting to write about the plot, so I’m not going to try. I think if I did, I’d end up revealing more than I intended to and spoiling the book for any of you that decide you want to read it.

My one little niggle with the book was the end. So much had happened that it was obvious that the author needed to tie up all the loose ends. But the epilogue felt a bit too ‘perfect’, like it was necessary for everyone in the book to live happily ever after. And while I can agree that it’s probably what most people wanted from the book, it just felt like everything was wrapped up in a nice bow, when things would most likely not be quite so perfect in reality.

I was very impressed with the author, and when I’ve caught up on some of my to-read list, I’ll probably have a look at his other books.


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