Bowling and a Trip to the Tetley

We had the day off work today after staying out later for the gig last night, so we decided to make the most of it!

First up was bowling at Hollywood Bowl in Kirkstall. Neither of us had been bowling for ages so it was lots of fun! Cameron tried to tell me he was rubbish at bowling, but he came back from setting the lane up, and he hadn’t put the gutter rails up for himself! Considering pretty much all of my balls would end up in the gutter if I didn’t have the rails up, he was definitely better than me! I managed to win the first game with a strike in the 10th frame, but I think that was definitely more luck than skill! Cameron then won the second game, leaving us at a happy tie for the day!

After we’d finished bowling and drinking our slush puppies like excitable children, we headed to the arcade where we played a racing game (which Cameron won), and air hockey (which Cameron also won due to his violent playing style!).

We then headed to The Tetley in Leeds, a restaurant and art gallery sited on the old Tetley’s brewery site. The food was as I expected, absolutely delicious. We both had fish and chips followed by Sticky Toffee Pudding, and we were full to bursting after we’d finished. Since I wasn’t driving, I washed it down with a pint of Tetley’s Gold, which was the nicest beer I’ve had in a long time.

We then went for a walk around the art gallery. I’m not really an art gallery type person, I prefer a nice painting to some of the things that you see in art galleries, although there was some nice stuff currently on display, including one piece which was getting ready for it’s grand opening later in the day. The building itself was beautifully renovated, keeping the style of the old Brewery but looking modern, open and welcoming. I’ll definitely be heading back there again, if only for some more of that divine pudding!

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