Samantha Hayes – Until You’re Mine

20140304-212240.jpgHeavily pregnant and with twin four year old boys to look after, the last thing Claudia needs is a navy husband about to be deployed on a covert mission. So the couple decide to hire a nanny, in the form of Zoe. She impresses them at her interview and she seems to be great with the boys, but Claudia keeps noticing weird little things and is suspicious about Zoe’s real purpose for being in the house.

And so the book begins from there, we switch back and forth between the narrative of three characters; Claudia, Zoe and a police detective called Lorraine who is currently heading up an investigation into the murders of pregnant women. Weirdly, (but not so weirdly later), when we switch between the characters, there’s never any announcement of which character we are on now, we just figure it out from what is happening. At first, I couldn’t see the purpose of Lorraine, but this was all revealed pretty quickly, bringing a chilling, creeping kind of horror to what I was reading.

You would probably come to the same conclusion as me, that because we are following the investigation of these pregnant women who have been murdered, and because we are also following the slightly creepy arrival of the new nanny into a house with a heavily pregnant woman, that the two are going to link together nicely and you know exactly what is going to happen. But whatever you think, you will be wrong. I’ve read many books with a plot twist, but none as shocking as this one.

The book itself was absolutely thrilling, I was gripped throughout. And even though I was convinced I knew what was going to happen, I had to keep turning the pages to find out. And then BAM, plot twist comes along and everything I thought I knew was turned completely on it’s head. But then I thought back on everything I’d read and it made perfect sense. Bravo to the author, I couldn’t have thought of a more thrilling end to a superb book!


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