HM2014: Day 49

Well I didn’t want it to happen, but these last few weeks, I’ve been way off track. Things have been happening in my personal life that have made me comfort eat way more than I should, and I kinda gave up on going out for my evening walks in favour of lying in bed watching tv.

I may write a blog about what happened when I’m not feeling so raw, but I made myself a promise this morning that I’m going to be good to myself again. There’s no point treating myself badly by eating crap and not exercising, it’s not going to make me feel better. In fact, it’s actually making me feel pretty cruddy, I’m lethargic all the time.

So while my blogging may not be daily for a while yet, I’ve committed myself to get back on track so I can feel better about myself and life in general.

My current favourite motivational pic from Pinterest:

Don't Quit!

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