HM2014: Day 8

Well I finally feel like I’m on the mend, so hopefully by the weekend I will be back on form. Busy day at work today so I didn’t have chance to get out at lunch for a walk. Once I’m feeling back to normal, I’ll be back at it with all guns blazing.

Stats for today
Calories eaten: 1,468
Calories burned: 2,711
Steps taken: 2,862
Active minutes: 0

3 responses to “HM2014: Day 8”

  1. Hey what happened with this? It all went a bit quiet like most after Xmas diets


    1. I’ve not been feeling great for the last couple of weeks (one thing after the other), but I’ve been keeping up as best I can, just not blogging about it. I’m feeling much better now, so the blog will be starting up soon!


      1. Fantastic news that you’re sticking with it. I was just concerned that you may have dropped it. The maracattack workout sure sounds like fun! Good luck with it Louise. 🙂


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