HM2014: Day 3

I was aching so much today that I was tempted to skip Maracattack. After all, I did walk more today than yesterday. But then I realised that was just an excuse that the old me would have made, so I sucked it up and put on the DVD. It felt horrible while I was doing it, but I felt much better when it was over, knowing that I’d done it.

I walked more today than yesterday, although not as much as planned. We’d planned to take a trip up to Brimham Rocks, but it was raining and horrible, so we spent most of the day shopping for curtains for my room, involving 3 trips back to the same shop! Tomorrow we’re going to go for a walk whether it’s raining or not; Brimham Rocks or Nostell Priory if it’s nice weather, and Leeds Museum or Bradford Industrial Museum if it’s raining.

Stats for today
Calories eaten: 1,697
Calories burned: 3,608
Steps taken: 6,453
Active minutes: 45

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