Day One, Fresh Start, New Beginnings and All That Jazz…

So here it is, day one of my mission 2014. It would have started yesterday, but it was Cameron’s annual family New Years Day party, and I was expecting a lot of food. Boy was I right, I think I must have eaten half a pig in roast gammon, roast pork, sausage rolls and pork pie. But from today onwards, healthy healthy healthy.

I took my first set of progress pictures this morning, and although I said before I was going to post them, I’ve chickened out, I’m just too embarassed. I also had my first weigh-in of the year, and since I haven’t had a working set of scales for the last month and since I’ve way over-indulged over Christmas, the number wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Still bad though. Very bad. So here it is, day one:

02/01/2014 - 125.4lbs to go

I think first up tonight is clearing space in my room, and going shopping to buy all my food for the week. Much cheaper than online programs like Diet Chef, and much easier to stay on track.This week’s exercise DVD of choice will be Maracattack (Miranda Hart’s exercise DVD), but I’ll also be clipping on my Fitbit and trying to do as much walking as I can, if I can manage to escape from work for an hour each lunchtime. I’ll be checking back in next week to let you know how I get on shaking my maracas!

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