Holiday Day 3 – Bolton Abbey and Aysgarth Falls

Bolton Abbey was our destination for today, only £7 to get in (per car, not each), and only 20 minutes from the caravan. When we set off, the weather was cloudy and a little bit cold, but after about 20 minutes of walking down to the priory ruins, the sun was back and shining brighter than ever – I think I may have got a little sunburned today. We walked just over 4km, with a picnic about halfway along, and then went for a little drive through the dales up to Aysgarth Falls. I’d been there before when we went on holiday with my Grandma and Grandad, but that was over 10 years ago, and Cameron had never been. It was great; the sound was so peaceful, and there were two spaniels playing in the water and absolutely loving it, although they were more interested in picking up stones than playing fetch with the sticks.

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