Review: Sophie Kinsella – I’ve Got Your Number

Sophie Kinsella - I've Got Your NumberI’ve always been a fan of Sophie Kinsella, her ‘shopaholic’ series was fantastic, and I’ve read a couple of other books from her (and her alter-ego Madeleine Wickham) which kept me very entertained.

I found the storyline of this book quite far-fetched. I know chick-lit is supposed to be escapist and a little bit fantastical, but the idea that you could find someone’s phone in a bin, and then they would agree to let you continue using it, as long as you promise to forward on all emails and texts that are meant for them is unbelievable to say the least. But once I got past this and carried on reading, I was pulled into the story and the constant drama that seemed to unfold in Poppy’s life.

The book starts off with her losing her wedding ring, then in the panic to find it, she is mugged and has her phone stolen. It’s at this point when Poppy finds the phone in a bin in the hotel lobby. After she agrees with Sam that she can keep the phone on a temporary basis, she decides to read through the emails on the phone, and since she can’t quite believe how brusque Sam is in his emails (that is, when he can even bother to reply), she decides to meddle and reply on his behalf, from sending an e-card with condolences for a dead pet, signing him up for a fun run, to registering him for a charity trip to Guatemala. Needless to say, Sam is furious when he finds out.

But when a crisis threatens to destroy Sam’s job, Poppy’s knowledge of Sam’s phone turns into the ultimate life-saver. And it turns out that Sam can help Poppy too, giving her confidence to stand up to her fiancé Magnus and the wedding planner from hell.

Despite the obvious ludicrousness of the story, I did enjoy this book; twice finding myself lying in a bath of cold water having become so immersed in the book that I lost track of time. If you’re a fan of Sophie Kinsella, you’ll love this book.


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