Review: Nicola May – Better Together

Nicola May - Better TogetherI was quite disappointed with this book. I couldn’t relate to the main character, she seemed very flighty and changed her mind way too many times for my liking. Everything in the book seemed too ‘convenient’; Jess would change her mind, and everything would instantly fall into place to make everything perfect for her.

I also found the dialogue quite stilted, I don’t know if it was just because I was reading a kindle copy rather than a paper copy, but it didn’t seem to flow naturally, and I often had to stop half way through a conversation to go back and figure out who was actually speaking.

The only positive thing I can find for this book is that it wasn’t completely stereotypical chick-lit, things went wrong (and quite badly wrong) for Jess, and she didn’t get the happy-ever-after that I expected her to get.

After enjoying the last couple of Nicola May books so much, I was not impressed with this one at all. I’ve got a few different books to read now (a couple more ‘Goodreads-First Reads’ books and a World Book Night book given to me by my cousin), so hopefully a step away from the chick-lit genre will feel good for a while.


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