Review: Dirk Hayhurst – Wild Pitches

Dirk Hayhurst - Wild PitchesThis book was in e-book only format, designed as an add-on to Hayhurst’s last book Out of My League. It basically contained extracts that he wrote for the book that didn’t make it into the print copy, but that he though were too good to miss out. Most of the snippets from the e-book were quite funny, although with a few of them, you could tell why they hadn’t made it through into the actual book.

My main complaint was that the book didn’t really seem long enough. It cost about £4, but it only took me an hour to read, so it did seem pretty short. But I suppose that could just be because I was enjoying it so much that I was reading faster than usual.

I do love Hayhurst’s writing, it drags you into the moment and you find yourself laughing along with the characters and some of the more outrageous stories like ‘Do you remember when we had a bear throw out the first pitch and the pitching coach punched it in the face?’. But I especially liked the parts about him meeting and proposing to his wife. Call me a smushy romantic, but it was nice to see the more human side, as opposed to the boys-world of baseball. And the chapter at the end that his wife wrote was a brilliant touch.

I’m giving this book 4/5, but only because I would have liked it to be longer. I can’t wait for Hayhurst’s next full-length book!


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