Review: Linda Green – And Then It Happened

and-then-it-happened-linda-greenMel Taylor thinks she’s got it all, an amazing house in Cragg Vale, a beautiful daughter, and most of all – a husband with whom she is completely in love. But she’s always waiting for something bad to happen, thinks it must be too good to be true.

And then it happens. While Adam is working at the museum, he’s stood under the huge dinosaur skeleton when some building work causes the skull of the dinosaur to come crashing down on him. Mel receives a phone call to say that Adam is in the hospital, and when she gets there, her husband is in a coma.

The story follows Mel’s efforts to get Adam back to the man that he used to be – starting off with getting him out of a coma. She believes that he is there and can hear everything she can say, even though she is doubted by almost everyone else (including the doctors).

The book wasn’t quite what I expected when I saw the front cover, it was a lot more serious. It was loosely based on a number of true stories (as explained by the author in the back of the book), but at some points, I did find it a little hard to believe. I know that there is always the exception to the rule, but this story seemed to be full of miracles that made it slightly unbelievable. But I suppose that’s what a good book is supposed to make you do, believe in the impossible.

I did enjoy the book, the writing was fast paced and the plot was full and well thought out, so I just didn’t want to stop reading, especially when it got within 100 pages of the end. I won’t spoil the end of the book, but I will say that it wasn’t how I expected it. Although I’m kind of glad it didn’t end how I expected it though!

Not bad for the first book of the year, and I would definitely read more books written by Linda Green.


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