Review: Olivia Goldsmith – Uptown Girl

uptown-girl-olivia-goldsmithThis is another kindle book, read on my phone whenever I’ve had a spare few minutes. It takes quite a while to read books this way, but it’s better than the crap I would be reading if I was just checking Facebook in those spare few minutes (sorry if any of you are my Facebook friends – I don’t mean you).

This book was definitely a typical chick-lit book, although the storyline didn’t go in quite the direction I expected when I first started reading it. In my opinion, the book wasn’t particularly well written, which would have been okay if the book had a strong storyline, but I found it a bit boring to be honest. When I read chick-lit books, I enjoy them most when I can relate to the character, or if I can at least feel some kind of connection with them, but Kate seemed to be like a spoilt posh girl with too high an opinion of herself, and it really didn’t endear me to want the story to finish off in her favour. But of course, in typical chick-lit fashion, it did.

A quick overview of the story in case you were still thinking of reading the book: Kate’s a youngish woman from Brooklyn, coming from a broken childhood to make it good in Manhattan. She’s got a new set of friends (all very stereotypical characters) and a good job, and what she thinks is a great boyfriend. But then her old and new lives collide rather dramatically and there’s nothing Kate can do to stop it from unravelling.

Her best friend Bina thought she was going to be proposed to by her boyfriend Jack, but instead he ran off abroad without her. But then Kate’s friends notice that there’s a guy charmingly nicknamed ‘Dumping Billy’ who has a reputation that every girl he goes out with is proposed to straight away after he dumps them. So of course Kate’s friends create this master plan for Bina to go out with Billy so that she can win Jack back and get the ring that she has always wanted. Of course, this doesn’t seem like such a great plan when Kate realises that she has fallen for Billy, and there’s a lot of scheming and moping while Kate figures everything out.

There was a nice little twist at the end which saved the book from being too predictable, but I still don’t think I would recommend it.


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